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SQARES is the future of the art market because it offers accessibility to a global audience, ensures security and transparency through blockchain technology, reduces transaction costs, enhances liquidity, expands artist exposure, provides data-driven insights, and offers ownership and control to artists and collectors. With these advantages, Sqares revolutionizes the art market by creating a more efficient, inclusive, and technologically advanced platform for buying and selling artwork.

SQARES is a complete Ecosystem for peer-to-peer real asset trade on the Ethereum MainNet.

ARES makes you an active participant in the SQARES evolution by offering investment opportunities, rewarding your contributions, and enabling you to be part of the transformative changes taking place in the art market.


Investing in ARES provides three major benefits


Each Trade on SQARES costs 5% of the assets price. ARES Investors get 20% of these transaction fees, managed autonomously.


Investments in ARES are divided in three groups. 1% of Investors will receive 10x of the average payout!


You become an integral part of shaping the future of art investment and ownership.

Invest in the art market
to earn payouts for trades on an evolutionary art market

Latest technologies like Gemini foundation's SQARE standard make it possible to link real assets on crypto chains. High value assets, like diamonds, gold or even art like paintings of Vincent van Gogh will be tradable that way. This markets size reached USD 1,500 billion in 2021. Going on chain needs certified tokenizer, well designed processes, pricing on chain and protection of assets and currencies from third parties unconditional access or blacklisting over night by the tokens operator. While 3rd generation standard SQARE solves this for assets, ARES solves this for cashflow. Together both enable you to trade physical assets on chain peer to peer secured.


SQARES ist the cutting edge art market. We show you how it works.


SQARES operates on a decentralized platform, leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Decentralization eliminates intermediaries, enabling direct transactions between buyers and sellers. This not only reduces costs but also increases transparency and trust within the art market.

Secured Non-Fungible Tokens (SQAREs)

SQARES exclusively trades SQAREs, which are digital tokens representing complete artworks. SQAREs provide nonfractional ownership, ensuring that each token holder has exclusive rights to a digital twin of the artwork. This ownership is secured using blockchain technology, offering transparency, authenticity, and provenance.

Inclusive Investment Model/

SQARES introduces an inclusive investment model that allows a wide range of investors to participate. ARES investors can choose from different investment groups, providing options for varying investment sizes and timelines. This inclusivity democratizes art investment and expands opportunities for art enthusiasts and investors of all levels.

/Dynamic Payout Distribution

ARES investors receive payouts based on the timing of their investments. The payout distribution model divides the profits generated by the platform among the three investment groups: early, timely, and later investors. This incentivizes early participation and rewards long-term commitment, ensuring fair distribution of returns.

/Curated Art Selection

SQARES offers a curated selection of high-quality artworks for investment. Experienced art professionals and experts carefully select artworks to be tokenized as SQAREs, ensuring the highest standards of artistic value and investment potential. This curation process enhances the quality of investment opportunities and instills confidence in buyers and investors.

/Innovative Trading Experience

SQARES introduces a new trading experience for art enthusiasts and investors. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows seamless buying and selling of SQAREs. Through smart contracts and blockchain technology, the trading process is transparent, secure, and efficient, enabling users to participate in the art market with ease.

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